Tips For Cleaning Your Man Made Carpet

Let’s face it, we’re all proud of our homes. We like them looking their best; from the bedrooms and living areas to the bathrooms and kitchens. One thing that often occurs is the problem of cleaning our carpet and making it look as good as new from when we first bought it.  It can seem like an impossible task to complete with all the footfall, crumbs and every other daily strain that carpets go through.

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Why Choose LVT Flooring Over Wooden?

When choosing what type of flooring to put in your home it can be quite a challenge as there are so many options out there. From carpet, laminate, vinyl and LVTs. Going back over the years the most popular form of flooring for rooms in the house was carpet but we’ve seen this favouritism change over recent years with the likes of LVT and wooden flooring becoming more and more popular.

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Safety Flooring Glasgow

 Safety flooring can provide protection and safety for a variety of different environments. We stock and install 2 main brands:  Polysafe and Altro, both of which are renowned for their reliability and versatility. We’ve worked with these 2 brands extensively and can offer some insight for customers who need more information about the best option for their needs: Continue reading

The Karndean Design Story


Coming up for 50 years ago now, the founder of Karndean, Michael Walker, began searching for business ideas that would enable him to make it in the world. He was already successful but he was yearning for something more. He wasn’t interested in selling other brands designs. He wanted to make his own mark.  He decided he wanted to make change the whole industry forever. Mike as he was also known, wanted to change the vinyl flooring industry for the better.

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Carpet Tiles Glasgow

Here at Allfloors Glasgow, we have a wide range of flooring available to suit a variety of needs. One particular product that we have for sale and is always popular amongst Glasgow commercial and office premises is carpet tiles, a stylish alternative to traditional carpets(rolls). Continue reading

Kitchen Flooring Glasgow

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Whether you’re a kitchen connoisseur or a culinary cauchemar, you’ll know that things can get pretty heated in the kitchen. And whilst we make sure that our worktops and cabinets are prepared for the inevitable splashes of water and slamming of pots they will be subjected to, our kitchen flooring is often an afterthought.  Continue reading

Lino Flooring Glasgow


At Allfloors in Glasgow, we have a wide range of flooring to choose from, including lino flooring (linoleum). This product is available in sheet and tile format as well as “click together” panels. Despite the popularity of lino flooring, many people still don’t fully understand what separates it from vinyl flooring. Continue reading

Karndean at home and work

This is a Karndean Opus job we recently installed in a sun room in Newlands. We had to adhere the tiles using a specialist epoxy adhesive as the temperature build up in the room can be extreme. This is a problem that can be found in both homes and businesses and something that we at Allfloors tackle head-on. Continue reading

Lino Flooring – The First Brand Name To Become ‘Genericized’

In the world of marketing, brand is everything.

Companies can spend millions on advertising trying to familiarise consumers with their brand name, often to no avail. But whilst this is almost always a worthwhile investment, sometimes branding can work a little too well, to the point where the brand name becomes a generic term that is no longer associated with their actual brand. Yikes. Continue reading